Patient Organisations

A-T Society(UK)
Active since 1989, the A-T Society provides support, organises events and funds and promotes research into A-T. It manages the International A-T Registry.

Action for A-T(UK)
Action for A-T raises money to support research to find a cure.



A-T Info(Germany)
Set up by the very active clinical team at the clinic of the Johann Wolfgang-Goethe-Universit├Ąt in Frankfurt, this website is a good source of infornation in German

Association for fighting A-T disease (Israel)

A-T Children's Project(USA)
The ATCP helped establish the A-T clinic in Baltimore and raise a lot of money for A-T research.

BrAshA-T (Australia)

Associazione AT Davide de Marini(Germany)
This is a large organisation dealing with all the different forms of Ataxia, but it does not have that many members with A-T at the moment.

Associazione AT Davide de Marini(Italy)

Hajar deals with all primary immune conditions including A-T.

Projeto A-T/ Brasil(Brazil)

Radem Zdazymy Foundation(Poland)

Related registries and databases

Global A-T Family Data Platform
This Platform complements the clinical data collected by the registry by collecting registry direct from patients and their families as well as genomic data.

European Society for Immunodeficiencies
This registry of immunodeficiency conditions includes many patients with A-T